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It's too late for me to have a happy childhood, but not too late to carry a message

Le 17 October 2017, 08:46 dans Humeurs 0

"It's too late for me to have a happy childhood, but not too late to carry a message of hope to those who are still sick and striving for the peace, serenity and surrender that is recovery," she said. "My parents loved me very much and they were doing the best they could. Senate race in Kentucky.. "In the meantime, we are focused on building a topnotch campaign that will make Kentucky proud.FRANKFORT, Ky."Senator McConnell remains a big fan of Ashley Judd's movies, and will concentrate on an opponent when one finally files," campaign manager Jesse Benton said in a statement Friday.McConnell is hoping to scare off potential contenders with his fundraising prowess.S."McConnell, first elected to the Senate in 1984, is a resilient politician with an unbroken string of victories and a reputation of pummeling opponents.

She has Film Blowing Machine Screw been largely mum about her intentions concerning the U.The 71-year-old McConnell has already begun TV advertising even though the general election is more than 18 months away."A parent never wakes up and says, 'Today is a great day to screw up my child,'" she was quoted as saying in a press release from the American Counseling Association.The Cincinnati station said Judd also told the group that her mother, country music star Naomi Judd, can't wait to turn her garage into a campaign headquarters. Steve Beshear, to discuss a possible run, but her comments in Cincinnati seemed to be her first clear indication that she is getting closer to a decision.Judd spoke to more than 3,100 counselors in Cincinnati, talking about her depression, codependency and unresolved childhood grief.

Defeating McConnell would be the Democrats' biggest prize of the 2014 election. Democrats haven't fielded a serious candidate yet, though Judd and Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes both have been mentioned as potential McConnell opponents."I can't say if she's made up her mind, because I don't know that, but I can absolutely tell you that she's very seriously considering it," said former Kentucky State Treasurer Jonathan Miller, a friend and supporter of Judd's. She has been meeting with several Democratic leaders, including Gov. The strategy seems to be working, so far. No serious Republican opponent has emerged, though a coalition of Kentucky tea party groups said Friday that members expect to settle on a primary challenger by June 1.McConnell has a hefty campaign bank account, having already raised more than $10 million. That financial cushion gives McConnell the option to define himself early in TV spots or to respond to opponents. His seat is one of 14 that Republicans are defending while Democrats try to hold onto 21, hoping to retain or add to their 55-45 edge.4 million on hand.In a speech at an American Counseling Association meeting in Cincinnati, Judd said she once didn't like criticism, which she said is ironic because she's "about to get $40 million worth of it. (AP) -- Actress Ashley Judd gave a not-so-subtle hint on Friday that she's nearing a decision about seeking the Democratic nomination to run against Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky."Judd told the counselors that she suffered from such deep depression in 1996 and in 2006 that she entered a 42-day residential treatment facility.No cameras were allowed at the speech.Grimes has said she won't consider getting into the race until after the state Legislature adjourns for the year." WXIX-TV first reported Judd's comments Friday. In his last campaign finance report, he reported having $7. And though Judd appears to be getting closer to a decision, she would have to re-establish a residence in Kentucky to mount a serious challenge.Judd is a former Kentucky resident now living in suburban Nashville, Tenn.

Because he refused to comply with a directive (or request) by the course's instructor

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"Another story involves Ryan Rotela, a student at Florida Atlantic University who alleges that he was suspended from his class on "intercultural communications" because he refused to comply with a directive (or request) by the course's instructor, Deandre Poole. In the name of diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance, academics trash Western civilization and traditional moral values on the perverse rationale that those values are intolerant and thus undeserving of tolerance and favorable treatment.Poole allegedly told his students to write "Jesus" on a sheet of paper, put the paper on the floor and then stomp on it.We see this same phenomenon occurring throughout our society, not just in universities but also in the media and in corporate America, where the tyranny of political correctness has taken firm root.

Examiner columnist David Limbaugh is nationally syndicated by Creators Syndicate (www.. How often have we read about corporate employees being forced to attend "sensitivity training" when they've expressed views about same-sex marriage or other issues about which leftist culture commanders are passionate?As Paul Kengor of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College explains, "these are the new secular disciples of 'diversity' and 'tolerance' -- empty buzzwords that make liberals and progressives feel good while they often refuse to tolerate and sometimes even assault traditional Christian and conservative beliefs. If you do not subscribe to the left's views on politics, social science, religion, affirmative action, sexuality, etc. Toure said: "Such is the dysfunctional, abusive relationship the GOP insists on with black folks." But this "notice of charges," according to Starnes, is contrary to a statement the university released Friday night, which said no one had been disciplined as a result of the classroom activity.Todd Starnes of Fox News said that according to documents, Rotela "has been brought up on academic charges Barrel Screw Accessories by the school and may no longer attend" He said he told the professor he didn't believe this was appropriate, that it was unprofessional for the professor to have initiated this exercise and that he was "deeply offended" by what he had told him to do."Toure went on to lambaste Dr." Toure continued: "I doubt the GOP would entertain a white non-politician with unserious ideas." But blacks such as Carson "get raced to the front of the line because then people get to put a bumper sticker on their cars saying, 'How can I be racist? I would have voted for Carson. Carson has "intellectual tumors in his mind, like a flat tax, which is regressive and ignorant in the face of American wealth inequality.

A couple of recent news items illustrate the close-mindedness, aggressiveness and oppressiveness of modern liberalism's thought police.MSNBC's Toure issued a scathing commentary against the GOP for considering outreach efforts toward African-Americans.Long ago, leftists learned that bullying and persistence work, and they are being rewarded for their efforts by those whose social and political opinions are determined more by a craving for popular approval than by deeply held convictions.But guess what. Ben Carson, a black person, for daring to stray from leftist ideas and endorsing conservative ones, such as a flat tax. Some have been persuaded, no doubt, but many are just afraid to be branded as bigots or homophobes for taking a principled stand in support of traditional marriage. Rotela, a devout Mormon, said he refused and "picked up the paper from the floor and put it right back on the table., your views are not only not worthy of protection but deserving of scorn, ridicule and sometimes even punishment and recalibration. No matter how many courageous conservatives fight back against the left's intolerance and no matter how many black conservatives refuse to toe the liberal line that requires them to think like liberals -- lest they cease being authentic blacks -- more and more on the right are throwing in the towel instead of standing up for what they believe and facing ridicule and abuse from the left."Liberals hold themselves out as open-minded, tolerant and supportive of academic inquiry, but many of them are contemptuous of views they reject.Regardless, the assignment itself was outrageous and is illustrative of a hostile attitude toward Christianity (and conservatism) on many campuses and elsewhere in our culture today. These tactics tend to work.The left can vehemently deny it, but does anyone really believe that a professor would still have his job if instead of using the word "Jesus," he had used "Muhammad" or "Barack Obama" or the name or symbol of any other iconic figure of the left?In so many universities, what passes for open academic inquiry is often more like indoctrination. They say they want a new relationship while continuing to try to screw us over.Many, for example, are jumping on the bandwagon to support same-sex marriage to receive their pat on the head from our progressive culture.

That decision should be made between a man and his doctor

Le 23 August 2017, 09:26 dans Humeurs 0

"Chaffetz will be off his feet and out of Congress for several weeks during recovery, missing work until at least mid-May..As the Utah Republican packs his bags, he can only blame himself for his own clumsiness.While Utah never set up an exchange, the red state has experienced a surge in Obamacare signups. An accident that occurred during the W. Specifically, he might miss critical and controversial votes.

While in recovery, Chaffetz wouldn't have to vote on repealing Obamacare and wouldn't risk alienating those voters. Either way, hopefully, the surgery goes off without a hitch. Last year enrollment grew by more than 12 percent, the New York Times reported in March, an increase of about 197,187 Utahns. Bush administration makes his departure not only necessary but urgent.After the announcement, an army of trolls became sudden experts in podiatry. Now University of Utah doctors "recommend immediate surgery to remove all the hardware or I could be at risk for serious infection." In reality, the blundering Republican fell off a ladder in his garage. "Almost 12 years ago," Chaffetz explained in a statement Wednesday night, "I shattered several bones in my foot which required 14 screws conical twin screw barrel and a metal plate to repair.

The foot injury could let Chaffetz sidestep a controversy that could hurt him if he decided to run for governor in 2020."In the most dad-explanation ever, Chaffetz said he wishes the injury was the result of something cool like "cliff diving in Mexico.The more interesting question is what Chaffetz stands to gain parallel twin screw by leaving Washington for a while.After 16 years in Congress, including two as chairman of the powerful House Oversight Committee, it's time for Rep. In addition to the expected quips about pre-existing conditions, several questioned why Chaffetz needed the surgery all these years later. By design or by accident, the foot surgery could give him a leg up in the long run. While that decision should be made between a man and his doctor, this type of operation doesn't seem that uncommon. 

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